Business Process Tangle

A business process tangle is a confused interaction of what people do, why they do it, how they do it and who for.  These may occur as an organisation grows organically or by acquisition.   Where growth is by acquisition,  unofficial business processes and ways of working may continue to be operated where these have not been fully integrated into the host organisation.   Tangles may not be visible  except at the lower levels of the organisation.

Tangles contain duplicated tasks, unnecessary tasks and isolated tasks that don’t connect to anything.   All of these are wasted activities that cost money and consume resources.   Tangles affect the whole organisation and are not specific to one process.    Tangle removal includes techniques from lean process improvement but takes a holistic approach to understanding organisational operation and objectives.

Process Accretion

The addition of more and more layers of process, and work arounds.  This may continue until the process structure between order and delivery  collapses.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

The output from a group of processes.  For example, if the mpg (fuel consumption) falls on my car, then I know that there is a problem.  A mechanic will then diagnostic equipment to look at  Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) such as combustion efficiency, fuel flow,  vacuum leaks etc.