My Qualifications as a Tangleologist

There is common ground between the role of a Tangleologist and and a Business Analyst.

Both of them analyse a situation to find solutions.  They differ in that the business analyst is seems to be regarded as somebody that supports the implementation of IT projects,  while in contrast the Tangleologist  takes a holistic view of an organisation  to find out where things are becoming tangled and require resolution.  He or she will then work with the organisation and it’s employees to identify potential solutions and propose how these will be implemented.

Untangling a business process tangle requires creative thinking.  As tangles don’t have straight lines,  straight line thinking can be insufficient to resolve them.  Creative thinking and problem solving tools and techniques provide the perspectives that can uncover a path within a tangle.

My experience includes twenty years as an electronics engineer working in design, development, test, production and service before then entering a career in quality management and business process improvement.

Understanding engineered products requires taking them apart (either physically or via design analysis) to find out how they work to then improve or change them.  The same approach applies to getting the best out of organisations and understanding the tangled processes and activities within them.

My qualifications include:

IIIBA Certified Business Analyst Professional

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Fellow of the Institute of Learning & Management

Incorporated Engineer   and MIETE

OU MBA Module Creativity, Innovation & Change

MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering

BSc Open University

NLP Practitioner

ISO9001:2015 Lead Auditor Trained (Originally trained by LRQA with updated training from Caliso)

These qualifications help to provide me with insight and recognition of the underlying issues within organisational problems and tangles.

You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn profile and at my business website Business Process Agility