Example Process Maps

This is a sample of the process maps that I have created. Where necessary, these have been redacted to preserve client confidentiality.

Value Stream Map.  Example 1.  This was created using Igrafx IDEF0.


Conceptual Map Example 1. Part of a set designed to evaluate options for Adult Social Care redesign.  Created using Visio.


Conceptual Map Example 2.  Used to design a new social care model. Created using Visio.conceptual_2

Flow chart showing the process of approving a community garden proposal.  Created using Visio.


The numbers in the boxes cross reference to further notes and supporting documents.

Abandoned Car Process.  This was was created after an initial mapping workshop.  Created using Visio.

Process mapping is an iterative process which raises new questions and understandings. Getting group understanding and agreement on maps comes before completing them to agreed drawing standards.  Leave that detail till later!


Employee Absence Process.   This was created for the HR division of a small telecoms company.  Created using Visio.

The shadow box shows that there is another process within that box.


Simplified business process for use on a company intranet.  Created using Visio.

This map contained hyperlinks to supporting documents and email addresses.

user proces map

Work Order Management for Highway Maintenance Company. Created using Visio.

The swimlane shows the different departments involved in managing a works order. This AS IS map can then be developed with addition of the appropriate KPIs and identification of any non value adding activities.wo_mgmt

A Overview Map Showing Billing Process And SoX Reporting Points. Created using Visio.

The billing process was very complex and this map was an initial step on getting an overview of the problems.


Design Requirements Against ISO9001:2008 Clause 7, Product Realisation.  Created using Visio


IDEF0 Mapping Used to Define Document and Information Flow in a Custom Design & Manufacturing Company.  Created using Igrafx IDEF0.


The above ‘black box’ model is then opened to show the processes inside and the documentation outputs.


For AS IS and TO BE visualisation I also create mind maps, rich pictures and systems maps.  BPMN V2 business process mapping using Adonis Community Edition or alternatives by arrangement.  Please contact me with any enquiries or to arrange a consultation.