A New Year Resolution: Sort Out Your Business Processes

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After the end of year break, returning to work and picking up where you left off is when problems with your business processes may become very visible,  especially when these rely on the undocumented knowledge in someone’s head, laptop or other locations.  If you can’t see it, you can’t use it!  And instead of building on existing knowledge, new knowledge is created, used and lost.  Most of the organisations that I’ve worked with in my career do not have a formal approach to knowledge management.

knowledge tangle graphic

Fig 1: Where knowledge gets lost in organisations

As you start to get into the New Year, business life will become more hectic with less time to deal with process problems.   Now is a great time for informal process review.  You can do this very quickly using my WOMBAT technique.    Instructions are here with a YouTube Video here or you can contact me to run a half day WOMBAT workshop.

That’s the first step in turning this:


Into this:


Clearly defined, complete and consistent business processes which save you time and money.